Jeff and Linda Mannix raise a reputation herd of fullblood, registered Texas Longhorn cattle on their Santa Rita Ranch near Durango, Colorado. They range free in lush mountain meadows in the spring, summer and fall, and are fed locally-grown hay during the winter months.

Market steers are finished at the ranch on the Animas River with hay, vitamins and minerals, and nutrient-rich, local brewer’s grain, then processed at a local USDA packer. Santa Rita Ranch beef is “one owner” beef from our ranch to your home, raise naturally without antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-product feeds, and is dry aged the old fashioned way to make our beef the best tasting and most tender you will find anywhere.

Santa Rita Ranch Texas Longhorn beef has been found by many university studies to be lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than Certified Angus, Certified Hereford, and all commodity beef–lower even than turkey, skinless chicken and most fish. Beef doesn’t get any better–nor meat protein any healthier–than Santa Rita Ranch branded Texas Longhorn beef.