Handgun Course

Personal Protection Strategies is a sophisticated self-defense handgun training for individuals who own a handgun and think of it as a weapon of last resort. This training is suitable for beginners who have never handled a handgun, through the skill levels all the way to professional security personnel.

Two assumptions underlie the training. The first, and most pertinent, is that in times of stress we are only capable of doing what we’ve been trained to do. If you have not been trained to use a weapon in self defense, you can only hope to get lucky against an aggressor (man or animal) with an agenda.

The second basic assumption critical to handgun defense is that the mind is the weapon, the gun is the tool. Personal Protection Strategies trains for muscle memory and instinct, using the handgun with the most progressive, tried & true techniques used by professionals.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics confirms that a self-defense shooting takes place in dim light, at a distance of less than twenty-one feet. Three shots are fired, on average, and the confrontation is over in six seconds. Without methodical training, your chance of surviving a lethal threat using a handgun are slim indeed.

Personal Protection Strategies, based in Durango, Colorado, has been taught to an excess of one thousand people since 1988. Students have included real estate saleswomen, nurses, police officers’ wives, women, men, children, travelers, backcountry enthusiasts, pilots, doctors, lawyers, families, security professionals.

This handgun defense training consists of one full day on the private shooting range at the Santa Rita Ranch in the Animas River Valley south of Durango. Training takes place on the range, not in a classroom. One-hundred fifty rounds of ammunition are required. Acceptable handgun calibers include only those with ‘’stopping power.’’ The smallest caliber suitable for self defense would be .32 magnum. No .22 caliber or .25 caliber.

A certificate of training will be issued upon completion, qualifying for the training requirement in the issuance of a Concealed Weapons Permit in Colorado and most states.

Prospective students who do not now own a handgun should borrow one instead of buying one for the training. You will be far more capable of knowing what handgun is suitable for you after taking the training. We have .38 special handguns available for use for those who don’t own their own handgun. The .38 special or .357 revolvers with a ‘’snub’’ nose are preferred for self defense.

Personal Protection Strategies consists of tactical training for close-in handgun defense, training defensive instinct with the handgun, threat assessment & management, tactics, presentation, multiple targets, combat scenarios, weapons & ammunition, aftermath management, flash-sight shooting, double-tap shooting, target discrimination, walk & crossfire drills, background assessment.

Class size is limited to ten, by reservation only.