The Instructor

Jeff Mannix created Personal Protection Strategies following the publication of the best selling book Armed & Female, in 1989 by E. P. Dutton, New York. Mannix instructs all classes personally, with assistance of expert graduates.

Jeff Mannix is a graduate of Massad Ayoob’s Lethal Force Institute, Ray Chapman Academy, Jeff Cooper’s American Pistol Institute, Executive Security International, John Farnham’s Defense Training Institute, G. Gordon Liddy Academy, International Shootist Inc.

Jeff Mannix is a former executive protection specialist, specializing in personal protection for corporate executives, royalty, politicians, entertainment executives, and asset protection. He has worked closely with the Secret Service, FBI, local law enforcement agencies, Department of Energy, Christie’s of New York & London.

Jeff Mannix is on the Governor’s Community Corrections Advisory Council of the State of Colorado. He has written three books published by prestigious New York and Chicago publishers.

Armed & Female

Armed & Female was a collaboration between Jeff Mannix and researcher-spokesperson Paxton Quigley.

Quigley was instrumental in establishing Handgun Control Inc. after the death of Bobby Kennedy in 1968, and worked to advance the agenda of gun control with Sarah Brady for many years. In 1986, Ms. Quigley found herself living in an industrial loft on the west side of Los Angeles and became fearful after a close friend was raped by a stranger who forced entry into her apartment. Quigley consulted Mannix about writing an article about women being the predominant victims of violent crime. The book Armed & Female was the product of this collaboration.

Mannix and Quigley attended every combat handgun training in the U.S., gathering information for the book. Mannix did the writing, Quigley organized the research material they had gathered together. The partnership was flawless and the book was represented by Jeff’s literary agent and purchased by E. P. Dutton, a division of NAL Penguin Inc., Jeff’s publisher.

Armed & Female was published in cloth cover, paperback by St. Martin’s Press, and translated into six languages. It is now out of print.